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Dina Lenković Biography
Dina Lenkovic was born in 1951 in Zagreb, Croatia. She took a degree in ethnology and philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb in 1975. From 1976 she had private lessons with M. Tartaglia, professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb. She had a short sabbatical in London in 1980. She honed her skills in Stockholm at the Ballet Academy, doing drawings in the classical ballet class.
From the 1980s she kept up contacts with artists of the Vienna School of fantastic realism, becoming personally acquainted with R. Hausner, E. Fuchs, A. Brauer, F. Luby and R. Ederer.
To date she has had a number of solo shows in Croatia, Austria and Germany. She has done posters for the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, for the ballet and opera; she has also exhibited in the Theatre building. Her vision of the ballet Swan Lake, images of which were used for one of the posters of a performance by the CNT in 1999, won second place in an international competition of the Soho Fine Arts Institute in New York.

She is a member of the UK association The Society for Art of Imagination. In 2000 she won a special commendation from Ernst Fuchs and Philip Rubinovo Jacobson at the exhibition 100 Sacred Visions in Austria's Payerbach. Also in 2000, she exhibited in London, the Mall Galleries, at a collective exhibition of surreal and fantastic art, The Art of Imagination 2000, as member of the society of English fantasy artists, which covers visions from Fuchs to the mystic worlds of H. R. Giger.

In 2002 she was named artist of the month for October-November by the Society for Art of Imagination for the picture The City Burning.
Her works have also been published in several books of New Art International issued by the Book Art Press of New York and in the book Contemporary Art published by the Soho Fine Arts Institute.

In 2005 the journal FEMSPEC, an interdisciplinary women periodical, devoted to creative works of fantasy, magic realism, surrealism, myth, folklore and other supernatural genres printed on its cover (Vol. VI, 2, 2005) a Dina Lenkovic work entitled City in flames.

In 2008 Silvano Levy's book Dina Lenkovic of Dina's art with contribution by Stanko Špoljarić was published (160 pp., hardcover, numerous illustrations).

In 2009 Gerhard Habarta's book Lexikon der phantastischen Künstlerinnen und Künstler Surrealisten / Phantasten / Symbolisten / Visionäre contains Dina's work on page 271.

In 2011 Dina is presented in PHANTASTEN MUSEUM in Vienna in permanent collection with work Dance on the cliffs (oil on canvas). Selection of this work is made by founder of museum Gerhard Habarta.

In 2014 Gerhard Habarta writes book Dina Lenkovic about the artist (191 pp., hardcover, numerous illustrations).

In 2017 Gerhard Habarta's book Lexikon der phantastischen Frauen Surrealistinnen / Phantastinnen / Symbolistinnen / Visionärinnen contains Dina's work on page 124 and 127-128.

Dina's family and friends:
Dina in Dragon's cave on island Brac Dina in the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb Dina Lenkovic and Mitsuyoshi Haruguchi, Vienna 2011 Dina painting beside the sea
Dina with model Esthera Linz Ernst Fuchs and Dina Lenkovic, Exhibition "100 Sacred Visions", Payerbach, Austria Ernst Fuchs Museum, Vienna, Mirela Lenkovic and Ernst Fuchs Franz Luby and Dina Lenkovic, Luby Atelier, Vienna, Austria
Mario Lenkovic, Conroy Maddox and Dina Lenkovic, Maddox Atelier, London Gloria Orenstein and Dina Lenkovic, Vienna 2004 Mirela Lenkovic, Conroy Maddox and Mario Lenkovic, Maddox Atelier, London Mirela Lenkovic, Dina Lenkovic and Robin Urton, Payerbach, Austria
My parents, year of 1956 Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Dina Lenkovic and Mario Lenkovic, Payerbach, Austria Portrait of Dina on Krk island Portret of Dina on Brac island
Rudolf Hausner and Dina Lenkovic, Hausner Atelier, Vienna Sheila Marlin, Brigid Marlin, Mirela Lenkovic and Dina Lenkovic, Vienna, Austria Dina, Krk Silvano Levy, Dina Lenkovic and Mirela Lenkovic, Zagreb

Photography by
Mario Lenkovic